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GRAPHIC DESIGN ApprenticeshipS

If you are passionate about graphic design and would like to pursue this as a career path an apprenticeship might be the right choice for you.

Usually a graphic design apprenticeship lasts between one to two years and you will work for a design firm or a business that uses designers within its company and usually entails assisting a designer or a team to come up with concepts that are aesthetically pleasing and serves its purpose.

Graphic Design is a very competitive area you will be required to be creative and innovative sometimes spontaneously, you may also be required to have some basic knowledge of adobe creative suite, mainly Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

As a Graphic Design Apprentice you can expect to earn for the minimum £2.60/ hr, on average you can earn £170 per week. On completing an apprenticeship the knowledge and skills you will acquire will enhance your employability and you can start work as a Junior Graphic Designer where you can earn from £12,000 - £15,000/yr to begin with, the salary tends to go up with your experience and skills. A Senior Graphic Designer can earn up to £50,000/yr Becoming a Graphic Designer is rewarding, professionally and financially and if you think this is the career path for you, you should apply for an apprenticeship right away !